FAQs / Policies


By booking or participating in a tour and any related products or services (a “Tour”) with Wheatland Express Inc. (“Wheatland Express” or the “Tour Operator”), you (“you”) agree to these Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”). By booking a Tour, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you make a booking on behalf of other participants, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and accept these Terms on behalf of the other participants in your party.

  • The Booking Contract

Your booking is confirmed, and a contract exists when the Tour Operator or your travel agent issues a written confirmation after receipt of the applicable deposit amount. Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to the Tour Operator or authorized agent immediately. You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking. You agree to provide full, complete, and accurate information to the Tour Operator.

  • Booking on Behalf of Others

By booking on behalf of other participants, you are deemed to be the designated contact person for every participant included in that booking. You are responsible for making all payments due in connection with your Tour booking, notifying the Tour Operator or your travel agent if any changes or cancellations are required and keeping your party informed.

By booking on behalf of another person or persons, you represent and warrant that you have obtained all required consents. You are responsible for verifying that any information you provide on behalf of another participant is complete and accurate, and the Tour Operator will under no circumstances be liable for any errors or omissions in the information provided to complete a booking.

  • Passenger Requirements
    You are responsible for assessing whether a Tour is suitable for you. It is your responsibility to determine the risks and the requirements of each tour aspect of the Tour based on your unique circumstances, limitations, fitness level and medical requirements. Wheatland Express does not offer medical advice. You should consult your physician to confirm your fitness for travel and participation in any planned activities.

    The Tour Operator reserves the right to deny you permission to board or participate in any aspect of a Tour at any time where your physical or mental condition or behaviour renders you unfit to participate or you represent a danger to yourself or others.

  • Special Requirements
    At the time of booking, guests must disclose all special requirements to the Tour Operator. Wheatland Express will use all reasonable efforts to accommodate special requirements or requests, but this is not always possible. All food allergies or dietary restrictions should be disclosed by guests to the Tour Operator at the time of booking. Still, the Tour Operator cannot guarantee that Tour products do not contain allergens.

  • Age Requirements
    Anyone under the age of 18 on the date of travel is considered to be a minor. An adult must always accompany minors. One adult may accompany up to two minors. Unless otherwise indicated in the Tour description or by the Tour Operator.
    Each adult on a booking with a minor(s) is jointly and severally responsible for the behaviour, wellbeing, supervision and monitoring of minor(s) and accepts these Terms on behalf of any minor(s) on their booking, including all assumptions of risk and limitations of liability. The Tour Operator does not provide care services for minors and expressly disclaims any responsibility for chaperoning or controlling any minor(s).

  • Prices, Surcharges & Taxes
    All pricing is in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise indicated.
    The Tour Operator is not responsible for any charges levied by third parties or financial institutions and payables due to credit card or other payment transactions and will not refund or return any fees charged by third parties or financial institutions connected with payments made by you to the Tour Operator.
    As taxes are beyond the Tour Operator’s control and can change at any time, we do not include them in any of our pricing. The Tour Operator will not increase the price of your Tour after you have paid in full.

  • Validity
    All dates, itineraries and prices of Tours are subject to change at any time, and the current price will be quoted and confirmed at the time of booking, subject to any surcharges that may be levied under these Terms.
    You acknowledge that you are responsible for keeping up to date on your Tour’s specific details, including, but not limited to, checking the Tour Operator’s website at least 72 hours before departure for minor changes made after the time of booking.

  • Details Required for Booking
    As a booking condition, you must provide the information requested by the Tour Operator and final payment. The information required will vary by Tour and communicated to you or the Tour Operator’s authorized agent during the booking process. If you fail to supply the needed information, you will be liable for any costs, fees, or losses, including failure to obtain or provide that inclusion. The Tour Operator reserves the right to treat your booking (or the relevant component of your booking) as cancelled and levy any cancellation fees deemed reasonable by the Tour Operator, in its sole discretion. The Tour Operator will not be responsible for any expenses you incur due to errors, omissions, inaccuracies, late, misplaced, or otherwise incomplete information you provided. 
  • Final Payment & Acceptance of Booking
    The confirmation sent by Wheatland Express or your travel agent will contain details of the final payment required for any booking. Payment of the balance of the price for any products or services booked (excluding private charters) is due 14 days before the first service’s departure date included in the applicable booking. If a booking is made less than 14 days before the first departure date, then full payment is paid at the time of booking.

    Failure to make full payment by the due date, the Tour Operator may change the rate payable for the booking or treat the booking as cancelled and retain the deposit paid on booking as a cancellation fee.

    Wheatland Express is not responsible for any charges levied by third parties or financial institutions and payables due to credit card or other payment transactions. It will not refund or return any fees charged by third parties or financial institutions connected with payments made by you to the Tour Operator. 


The person using this boarding pass assumes all risk of loss to person or property while participating in a Wheatland Express Excursion Train event or function, while on the train, or while embarking or disembarking, even though such loss may be caused by negligence or default of WHEATLAND EXPRESS, or their respective directors, officers, employees, servants or agents. Any exclusion or limitation of liability of Wheatland Express shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents, employees, officers, directors or representatives of Wheatland Express. This boarding pass, unless otherwise endorsed by Wheatland Express is good only for travel on date(s) indicated on the ticket. Wheatland Express reserves the right to refuse carriage of any person(s) who has acquired this ticket in violation of applicable law, or Wheatland Express rules and regulations or anyone who refuses to abide by the rules, regulations and instructions of Wheatland Express and its employees, agents, officers, and directors. Wheatland Express reserves the right to have any person removed from the train at any point during the journey, event, or function and shall not receive compensation on their ticket purchase. 

  • Changes by You

Should you need to cancel or change your Tour, you (or your authorized travel agent) must immediately notify us in writing by letter or e-mail. 

Applicable cancellation fees will apply according to the notice date and expressed as a percentage of the total price paid for the cancelled Tour, product or service (excluding any insurance or gift products). 

  • 30 days or more before departure: Wheatland Express will transfer the booking to another available date, or provide 100% non-expiring travel credit, less a $15.00 processing fee, at the customer’s request. 
  • 14 days or more before departure: Wheatland Express will do its best to accommodate each circumstance. You may have the option to transfer the booking to another available date or receive a non-expiring travel credit, less a $15.00 processing fee. Credits may not be available if the Tour Operator has committed expenses for your booking.  
  • 7 days or less before departure & No Shows: full-forfeiture of Tour payments made to the Tour Operator. There are no refunds on unused services after departure. We will do our best to accommodate each circumstance however, cancellation insurance is recommended for travellers.

You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided to the Tour Operator is accurate and up-to-date. Any changes to your name on any booking are subject to Tour Operator’s approval. Any changes to a booking depend on availability and are subject to acceptance and these Terms. The Tour Operator will charge you for extra costs incurred. 

Gift Certificates

  1. Purchasing Gift Certificates
    Wheatland Express offers gift certificates that can be purchased and redeemed for any Tour. Purchasing or redeeming gift certificates constitutes acceptance of the Wheatland Express Terms and Conditions. All sales are final. At the request of the purchaser, Gift Cards may be in physical form.

  2. Redeeming Gift Certificates
    Redeem gift certificates through Wheatland Express reservation lines or online booking system towards new or pending bookings. Redemption codes are entered in the final payment window. Every purchase made with a gift certificate is deducted from the balance, and any unused balance will remain on the voucher. If any purchase exceeds the certificate balance, the remaining amount must be paid with a credit card or another payment method accepted by Wheatland Express.

  3. Card Balance
    The balance of a gift certificate or travel voucher can be reviewed by the purchaser or holder of the certificate by contacting Wheatland Express by phone or e-mail. Certificate or voucher balances may be transferred to another recipient at the purchaser’s written request.

  4. Restrictions
    Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash or cheques or transferred to credit card accounts or accounts of other means of payment. Certificate balances redemptions are for purchases in Canadian Dollars only. Wheatland Express reserves the right to reject the redemption of certificates or vouchers, request alternative forms of payment, terminate the respective Account, and take legal actions if there is reason to believe the certificate or voucher is abused, used or obtained fraudulently.

  5. Risk of Loss
    The title and risk of loss for Gift Certificates or travel vouchers pass upon the redemption code’s physical or electronic transmission to the purchaser or recipient. Wheatland Express has no obligation to replace lost or stolen certificates and vouchers, but you can report them lost or stolen by contacting Wheatland Express via phone or e-mail.

  6. Expiration date or fees
    Gift certificates and travel credits have no expiration date, and Wheatland Express charges no fee in connection with the purchase of Gift Certificates. Donated certificates or travel vouchers expire after one year unless otherwise indicated.

  7. Limitations of Liability
    Gift certificates and travel vouchers are provided by Wheatland Express free of any warranty, express or implied. Wheatland Express is not responsible for the quality, legality, or any other aspect of the items purchased with the certificate. 


All reservations can be made anytime through our online booking system here.

We encourage you to book early to avoid the disappointment of sold out dates!

Receptive operators and tour operators can book online also through a partner account or code that reflects your correct net/commission that we will provide to you. 

Our reservation line is available from Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM CST.

E-mail: reservations@wheatlandexpresstrain.ca
Toll-Free: 1.833.233.3068
Outside Canada: 1.306.233.3068

For private and customized tours, please contact us directly.

Wakaw is located 90 km northeast of Saskatoon and 60 km south of Prince Albert, at the corner of Highway 41 and Highway 2.

Directions to Cudworth

Cudworth is located 85 km northeast of Saskatoon and 83 km south of Prince Albert on Highway 2.

Directions to Wakaw

Currently, the Wheatland Express operates public schedule tours June through December annually. Private Charters are available year-round, on any day of the week, subject to availability. 

The round-trip journey is typically a distance of 22 kms between the communities of Cudworth and Wakaw, SK lasting about 2-3 hours in length. The Cudworth subdivision trackage runs approx 120 kms, allowing us to customize the duration to suit each tour’s specific needs.

Yes, absolutely! We love train enthusiasts, big and small and offer a variety of family-friendly excursion experiences including but not limited to, The GREAT Prairie Train Heist, Family Summer Express, or seasonal tours. Check out our Departures

We recommend arriving 45 minutes to one hour before your scheduled departure to experience Little Big Town, our western town front. Meet and interact with the characters and wet your whistle. This should provide enough time for pre-boarding screening, picking up your tickets at the ticket wicket and be ready to board the train. The train will begin boarding a minimum of 30-minutes before departure. 

Parking is free and available around the railway platforms. Accessible parking is available directly in front of the station.

Passengers board the Wheatland Express from the Wakaw Railway Platform located at Railway Avenue and Main Street, Wakaw.

Passengers board the Wheatland Express from the Cudworth Heritage Museum located at 1st Avenue & Main Street, Cudworth.

Tickets will be available at the ticket-wicket from your departure location’s station. The guest who was responsible for payment will need to present a photo I.D. to receive train tickets.

Passengers board the Wheatland Express from the Cudworth Heritage Museum located at 1st Avenue & Main Street, Cudworth.

Passengers board the Wheatland Express from the Wakaw Railway Platform located at Railway Avenue and Main Street, Wakaw.

Though some rail cars have luggage racks, we recommend only bringing what you really need on the train. 

Wheatland Express is wheelchair accessible in 2021. Please contact our Team for more details so we may make arrangements for you and your guests.

We recommend guests dress for the weather. Although, the rail cars are equipped with air and heating systems, we recommend bringing layers for your comfort.

Guests should wear flat close toed shoes and avoid long loose clothing. 

Yes, costumes are encouraged!

Christmas Express
We recommend families dress in their PJ’s however, keep in mind the cold Saskatchewan temperatures and outside events, so layering clothing is highly encouraged.

No outside food or beverage is permitted aboard the Wheatland Express unless pre-authorization is obtained from management before your tour. Our railcars are licensed to serve alcohol and our staff are trained and certified in accordance with Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Regulations. 

Special dietary requirements must be communicated to Wheatland Express a minimum of seven business days before your departure. We will do our best to accommodate guest requirements; however, guests may elect to bring their unique items. We can not guarantee that food is free of allergens. 

Yes, all of the members of your party will be seated together aboard the train. Guests should either indicate at the time of booking or up to seven days in advance of their departure date. Groups booking separately can indicate on their booking form the party that they would like to sit with.

Reserving seats in even numbers is strongly recommended. Should your party wish to sit with a group under another reservation, please indicate that at the time of booking, please contact the Wheatland Express team at a minimum of seven days before departure. While we do our very best to honour all seating requests onboard, we cannot always guarantee them.