About The Tour

All Aboard for a haunted moving experience on the Wheatland Express this Halloween! Come on down to Little Big Town… if you dare!

This is not your average train ride. Once aboard, guests will solve a multitude of puzzles and activities and dare to experience the 13th dream of Percy during the 3-hour interactive experience between Wakaw and Cudworth.

We are looking forward to hosting you for a howling good time.

Snacks and drinks are available for purchase.

Bus transportation from Saskatoon. 

The Backstory

Come on down to Little Big Town… if you dare!

This October, Little Big Town is about to get spooky. Many, many years ago a mysterious stranger wandered into our quaint little town. No one knows where he was from, or why he was here. All they know is that his name was Percy. He was a strange man, but what was stranger was that he turned up dead outside the train station not long after he arrived in our town. 

Seeing as burial fees are expensive, ol Percy’s body was stood up. He was embalmed and placed in a casket just outside the station in hopes that his next of kin might find him and pay for a proper burial. He stayed there for a long time unclaimed. It was around this time that folks in Little Big Town started to have unusual dreams about Percy. Little did they know that they were all the same dream. 

Hazel Star, the local palmist, took special interest in it and catalogued the dreams. There were 12 specific dreams that everyone was experiencing. Some folks were having dreams 3, 5 and 9, while others were having the first six and then no more. It was the folks that had all twelve that had something to worry about. Word on the street was that if you had Percy’s 13th dream, that was the one that would kill you… Out of fear, Percy’s body was buried far away from town in hopes that the dreams would stop and would keep the town safe. That worked for some time. However, now every Halloween, when the veil between worlds is the thinnest is when the dreams would come back.

Are you brave enough to experience all 12 dreams of Percy. And braver still to see the 13th?

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