Meet the actors

Mayor Quincy Calloway

Grahame Kent (He/Him)-Creator and Producer

A neurodivergent Treaty 6 based theatre artist, Grahame can be found in many places; working as a performer, writer, producer, designer, voice artist, editor, dramaturg, foley artist, director and stage manager.  Grahame is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a BFA in Acting and a graduate of the Globe Theatre Conservatory.

Grahame has been seen on stages across Canada and you may have seen his work at Live Five, Persephone Theatre, The Globe Theatre, Wide Open, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan and many more indie venues.

Grahame is the Artistic Producer of Buttered Ghost Theatre, a Treaty 6 based company that produces new and exciting work. Grahame is an active member with The Sketchy Bandits sketch comedy group.

If you like podcasts, check out Dr. Frightful Presents: A Podcast which is created, produced and curated by Grahame and created with a bundle of incredible talent. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.
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Sheriff Presper Breakstone

Jacob Yaworski (He/Him)

Jacob Yaworski is a performer and internetainer from Saskatoon. Formerly a theatre and improv artist, he has always had a great passion for History and the pulp-stories of the Old West. Jacob is beyond excited to step back in time for a railroad adventure with you!

Hazel Star

Danielle Roy (She/Her)

Danielle Roy is a performer, playwright, producer, voice-actor, dramaturge and director. She is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan Bachelor of Fine Arts Theatre Program, and the Globe Theatre Conservatory. 

Danielle founded Gumshoe Productions in 2016 and works as a theatre educator using drama skills to help build community, personal awareness and self confidence through imaginative learning. 

Her artistic work has been seen across Canada, including: Peach (Gumshoe Productions), Much Ado About Nothing (Globe Theatre), The Wild Dog Waits on the Concrete Path (Embrace Theatre), and most recently Breaking the Curse (ferreplay)

Danielle is an active performer and writer for Saskatoons Sketch Comedy Group, The Sketchy Bandits and for Buttered Ghost’s, Dr. Frightful Presents: A Podcast

In her free time she loves to learn more about herbal medicines, healing crystals, tarot and palmistry.

Adeline St. Laurent

Paige Francoeur (She/They)

Paige is thrilled to be riding the Wheatland Express once again! An emerging theatre artist born and raised in Saskatchewan, she recently completed her BFA Honours in Acting at the U of S and is excited to be breaking out into the world as we begin to gather together for performance once again. You may have seen Paige in 25th Street Theatre / Ferre Play’s latest project Breaking the Curse, and you can keep an eye out for them in this year’s Saskatoon Fringe Festival, as well as the upcoming Live Five season.

For more info, you can visit

Silas Armbruster

Andrew Taylor (He/Him)

Andrew Taylor, Esq. is pleased as a tall glass of ‘Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic” (look it up) to be traveling back to the 1890’s and to not die this time of cholera or getting hit by a tram.  Andrew is a Saskatoon based actor, playwright, musician and ad writer for the radio. (The radio?! Flimshaw! it may be catching on, but it will never replace the crank organ!)

You may know him as the addled mind behind Southern Dandy 75 and Nautilus (or how I learned how stop worrying and hate the Ocean), as well a lesser evil member of The Sketchy Bandits, also a regular writer/voice for Buttered Ghost Theatre’sDr.Frightful – A podcast.’ 

And otherwise whatever else Grahame Kent tells him to do.

Maximilian Wheatland

Jonathon Pickrell (He/Him)

Jonathon Pickrell (he/him) is an actor, dancer, writer and voice artist from Saskatoon. 

He graduated with his BFA in acting from the University of Saskatchewan and has danced in competitions all across Canada and the States! His recent performing credits include A Killer Party (Sparrow Theatre), All According to Plan (Fresh Start Productions), The Addams Family (Saskatoon Summer Players), and Swinging with the Stars!

Jonathon is absolutely through the roof to be returning for his 2nd summer on the Wheatland Express and can’t wait to help welcome back all the weary travellers to Little Big Town!

Gertrude Rosendale

Johanna Arnott (She/Her)-Assistant Producer

Johanna (she/her) is a multidisciplinary theatre artist who works primarily as an actor, writer, stage manager and newbie director. A selection of her theatre credits include: wâhkôhtowin (ASM; Sum Theatre), The Last Children (SM; Curtain Razors Theatre), Shadows Among the Prairies (SM; Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre), The Winter’s Tale (actor; Bridge Theatre Co.), The Wolves (actor; littleBIG Theatre & Evilstick Productions), You Said We’d be Together Forever (director; We Treaty People Burnt Thicket Theatre), and Breaking the Curse (co-director; 25th Street Theatre & Ferre Play). Johanna is thrilled to be on the train again this summer.  When she’s not working in theatre, Johanna enjoys knitting, saying hi to dogs, and doing crosswords with her partner.

Georgina “George” Davies

Katelyn Polischuk (She/They)

Katelyn is a writer, musician, and actor currently living and working in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Katelyn graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2019 with double degrees in English and Acting, and has appeared in multiple shows at the Saskatoon Fringe Festival, as well as on the Persephone stage. Over the course of the pandemic, Katelyn has kept busy by writing and performing in several projects such as Buttered Ghost Theatre’s Dr. Frightful Presents: A Podcast, and It’s Not a Box Theatre’s The Drowned. Other recent credits include the 2021 Shortcuts Festival. Katelyn is thrilled to be back for a second year aboard the Wheatland Express.

Molly Martin

Amanda Trapp (She/They)

Amanda is a Cree and Saulteaux/settler actor and composer, member of the White Bear Band, who calls Saskatoon home. Recent theatre credits include: The Invisible: Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare, Catalyst Theatre; It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, Persephone Theatre; exempt, Native Earth Performing Arts; I Lost My Husband, Persephone Theatre; The Other Side of the River, Sum Theatre (composer and performer); Lady Macbeth and the Not Quite Dead, Musical TheatreWorks (composer/performer), The Penelopiad, Ferre Play Theatre (composer).

Roscoe Merryweather

Luke Pennock (He/Him)

A local bon vivant, Luke prefers to live a life of leisure. To support his gluttony, he podcasts, streams, and acts. You may recognize him as Len in Southern Dandy 75, Ned in Nautilus, or as the guy who says “apres shovelling” and falls on the ice in a Tourism Saskatoon ad. He also does improv with the Saskatoon Soaps. You can catch him talking about old wrestling on the Harcore Haven podcast or playing old games on

Taffeta “Taffy” Briggs

Philippa Williams (She/They)

Philippa crash landed in Saskatchewan a decade ago after growing up overseas in bonny Britain. Some say they had to leave England after the stress of competing with the Duke of Edinburgh to be the “best Phil in town” greyed their hair. Others say they are being denied Canadian citizenship due to a disinterest in poutine. But almost everyone agrees that they “need a real winter jacket”. Phil is a performer, voice actor, production manager, and scenic illustrator for companies such as Saskatoon Summer Players, Ppl r Ppl Productions, and Floor Thirteen Films. Currently they are working at 25th Street Theatre to tackle the monster of putting on an arts festival in an uncertain world, and spending their weekends letting off steam on the Wheatland Express. Wait, this is a steam engine, right?

Prof. Zephrim Snodgrass

Brennan Field (He/Him)

Brennan is pleased as punch to be aboard the Wheatland express for another season of tomfoolery. Riding the rails and playing Professor Snodgrass is an enormous amount of fun, and when it presented itself Brennan leapt at the opportunity to join the cast. When he isn’t playing pretend, he is writing a real-life dissertation at the University of Saskatchewan, where he is a PhD candidate in the Geography and Planning department. Unfortunately, his real world research has nothing to do with the fantastic new science currently known as “Boneology”.

Jennifer O'Doull

Emily Heinek (She/Her)

Emily Heinek is an emerging artist from the University of Saskatchewan acting program. She is excited to be working in the theatre industry on treaty 6 land again since COVID shut things down in the final year of her degree. She has been working very hard to better herself and her craft in the past 2 years with new hobbies like; embroidery, sewing, going to the gym, playing dungeons and dragons with her friends and watering her plants. You may have spotted her recently up in the booth stage managing for Little Libertine’s production of Typecastress at Persephone, clowning around the 2021 fringe in The Skiffle Disco Soul Circus or acting in the UofS Greystone productions of; Henry V, The Cripple of Inishmaan, Machinal, Playhouse Creatures and The Grass Tomb.

Victoria Clokenshire

Katie Moore (She/Her)

Katie  is an actor, improviser and proud dog mom. She began improvising in high school while competing in the Canadian Improv Games (CIG). After graduation, Katie became a coach and a judge of CIG. While completing her acting degree at the University of Regina, she taught improv and collective creation at the Globe Theatre School. In 2015, she moved to Vancouver and was part of Instant Theatre’s 2015 conservatory. Katie also trained with Blind Tiger Comedy taking multiple improv and sketch comedy classes. Katie has been part of many improv tropes such as Combat Improv, Hitchhikers Improv and Socks and Sandals. She is very excited to spend her summer on the train!

Deputy "Shiny" Badger

Jenna Barenbaum (She/Her)

An award-winning actress, Jenna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Saskatchewan. Recent credits include J. Caesar, Midsummer, Titus A.: puppet revenge, Merry Wives of Windsor, Comedy of Errors, As You Like It (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan), I and You (Globe Theatre), Jack and the Snow Queen (Dancing Sky Theatre), The Penelopiad (Ferre Play), The Wolves (Live Five/Little Big/EvilStick) and Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island (Persephone Theatre). She works as a playwright, poet, actor, and web developer

Lucy Summerson

Danova Dickson (She/They)

Danova is a Saskatoon based actor with a specialisation in nonsense. She spends her days seeking endless creative opportunities and unfolding her takeout boxes into plates. They were recently involved in the Skiffle Disco Soul Circus under the YXE Fringe, where she and her friends were literal clowns committing the weirdest atrocities. They are so so so excited to be a silly ol western character, and can’t wait to invite you aboard!

"Peppermint" Bilson Yumms

Kaylub Sinclair (He/Him)

Kaylub is an actor from the small town of Esterhazy. He has recently graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting. He has worked on a few projects in Saskatoon, including Survival of the Spookiest and The Skiffle Disco Soul Circus. Although he enjoys many genres of theatre, he is most interested in comedy and clowning. He is very exited to be a part of the Wheatland Express crew this Summer!